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Included here is an archive of all the MK64 textures that I currently know about (3806 total). This includes MIO0 compressed, TKMK00 compressed, kart textures, and raw encoded textures.

​Download MK64 Texture Archive v5 (6.85MB)

Each image name is encoded as:
​OFFSET = ROM offset of block
​C_OFFSET = offset in decompressed file (for MIO0 and TKMK00)
​FORMAT = one of RGBA16, RGBA32, IA8, IA4, I8, I4, CI8


[Image: d8wTP5u.png]

[Image: sIVjkNf.png]
[Image: q99y4T3.png]
[Image: r3TTxPU.png]

Course Preview:
[Image: ymdWVcI.png]

[Image: UugzOzp.png]
[Image: muwURRj.png]
[Image: duKCxpa.png]
[Image: yCMAgxX.png]
[Image: BmzqfO0.png]

[Image: ZRKZbLP.png]

[Image: mHKSoa4.png]

Some unused textures:
[Image: AESjum3.png]
[Image: db3ADZz.png]

Please post here if you know more information.

Thanks to mib_f8sm9c, abney317, Rena, Weatherton, abitalive for helping.
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I had to sign in to thank you for this.

Quick comment to not forget here:
[Image: RRDH7FY.png]

Pretty sure Lakitu's images start at 0x6A0ABC, CI encoded (though the images are surrounded by MIO0 encoded images so who knows where the palette data is). The first set with the lights is 56 pixels wide and somewhere between 70-80 pixels tall, and the second/third sets (waving a flag and holding up the lap signs) are a bit wider, though I don't know how much wider.

[Image: LJfG007.png]

This too, it's either I or IA, not sure which.
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Thanks for the Lakitu info. I see all the CI data, but haven't been able to track down the palettes. Usually the palettes are just before the group of textures that use them, but there are just MIO0 blocks immediately before and after the these. Still though, I was able to pin down the different Lakitu blocks and sizes. I'll keep looking at this.
6A0AC0-6C02BF: CI8 56x72 holding lights (32)
6C02C0-70EEBF: CI8 72x56 waving flag/lap sign (80)
70EEC0-712DBF: CI8 56x72 fishing (4)

Good find on those numbers. 15 is such an odd width! There are some other characters that follow them
7F8734-7F99F3: I8 15x32 numbers (10)
7F99F4-7F9CF3: I8 8x16 cc " ! . 0 ~ (6)
7F9CF4-7F9DC3: I8 not sure (almost looks like 13x16?)
7F9DC4-7F9EC3: I8 8x16 . + (2)
7F9EC4-7F9FC3: I8 8x16 all FF white (2)
7F9FC4-7FA0C3: I8 8x16 ' ? (2)

[Image: muwURRj.png]

I've also tracked down a lot of the remaining CI8 encoded HUD textures from MIO0 block 0x132B50
Places: 1P/2P/3P/4P 64x32 CI8
1P 17458 Pal:17258
2P 17C58 17258
3P 18458 17258
4P 18C58 17258

[Image: AESjum3.png]

HUD faces 32x32 CI8. Also includes the bomb warning icon that was unused in production.
Idx  Face   Offset  Palette
0    Mario  1B6D8   1A4D8
1    Luigi  1BAD8   1A6D8
2    Peach  1BED8   1A8D8
3    Toad   1C2D8   1AAD8
4    Yoshi  1C6D8   1ACD8
5    D.K.   1CAD8   1AED8
6    Wario  1CED8   1B0D8
7    Bowser 1D2D8   1B2D8
8    Bomb   1D6D8   1B4D8
9    [?]    1DAD8   1B4D8 - same palette

[Image: r3TTxPU.png]

white/black striped signal lights 24x48 CI8
I don't recall seeing these in the game at all as Lakitu has his own lights.
0  260D8  Pal:25ED8
1  26558
2  269D8
3  26E58
4  272D8
5  27758
6  27BD8
7  28058
8  284D8
9  28958

[Image: db3ADZz.png]

HUD Items 40x32 CI8
Idx  Item            Offset  Palette
0    Empty           1FED8   1DED8
1    Banana          203D8   1E0D8
2    Banana Bunch    208D8   1E2D8
3    Mushroom        20DD8   1E4D8
4    Two Mushroom    212D8   1E6D8
5    Triple Mushroom 217D8   1E8D8
6    Super Mushroom  21CD8   1EAD8
7    Spiny Shell     221D8   1ECD8
8    Boo             226D8   1EED8
9    Green Shell     22BD8   1F0D8
A    Triple Green    230D8   1F2D8
B    Red Shell       235D8   1F4D8
C    Triple Red      23AD8   1F6D8
D    Super Star      23FD8   1F8D8
E    Thunderbolt     244D8   1FAD8
F    Fake Item Box   249D8   1FCD8

[Image: q99y4T3.png]

bomb textures CI8 32x32
Idx Color         Offset  Palette
0  black          29858   2A858
1  dark yellow    29C58
2  yellow         2A058
3  bright yellow  2A458

[Image: tFHUpIl.png]

2CC58-end: RGBA16 8x8 little cars
[Image: MV3ZFmw.png]

Awesome work! Do you care to update the main post with the information? That way later on it'll be easier to find the information you have gathered.

(06-11-2016, 02:51 AM)awesomefriends56 Wrote: Awesome work! Do you care to update the main post with the information? That way later on it'll be easier to find the information you have gathered.

My plan is to work out a few more textures (e.g., Lakitu) and rip the karts properly. Then I'll release a new texture archive and update the main post and document it in the wiki.

For now, just tearing through more textures. I found the neon background textures from Rainbow Road in MIO0 Block 00872A00, plus some others. The mushroom, Mario, and Boo use palette switching to animate. The others are static.
MIO0 872A00: Rainbow Road
Neon background images
Palette at 5C00 may be common all black palette?
Texture   Offset  Palette(s)
Mushroom   08000  5400 5600 5800 5A00
Mario      09000  5E00 6000 6200 6400 6600
Boo        0A000  6800 6A00 6C00 6E00 7000
Peach      0B000  7200
Luigi      0C000  7400
D.K.       0D000  7600
Yoshi      0E000  7800
Bowser     0F000  7A00
Wario      10000  7C00
Toad       11000  7E00

[Image: VxTKRX3.png]

12028: RGBA16 32x64 low poly looking sphere?
13028: RGBA16 32x32 reflective chain chomp
13828: RGBA16 32x32 gold-looking circle
14028: RGBA16 32x32 tongue
14828: RGBA16 32x32 eyeball

[Image: hnw6bh0.png]

Example replacing D.K. with this shy individual. Used n64ci to convert from image to CI8 + palette.
[Image: DiQFiBn.png]
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Finally uncovered the CI palettes for Lakitu, finish line banner, and some trees. They are scattered throughout MIO0 block 132B50. I'm still unable to locate the green, red, and spiny shell, boo, and some plant palettes.
ROM                 Palette Description
6A0AC0-6A88BF  (8)  24ED8   CI8 56x72 holding lights
6A88C0-6B84BF (16)  250D8   CI8 56x72 holding lights-red
6B84C0-6C02BF  (8)  252D8   CI8 56x72 holding lights-blue
6C02C0-6DFABF (32)  254D8   CI8 72x56 waving flag
6DFAC0-6EF6BF (16)  256D8   CI8 72x56 2nd Lap sign
6EF6C0-6FF2BF (16)  258D8   CI8 72x56 Final Lap sign
6FF2C0-70EEBF (16)  25AD8   CI8 72x56 Reverse sign
70EEC0-712DBF  (4)  25CD8   CI8 56x72 fishing

[Image: mHKSoa4.png]

Finish Line banner is broken into 8 MIO0 blocks and uses CI palette at offset 0x0 in MIO0 block 132B50.
MIO0 block
696BAC 64x32 CI8
696E3C 64x32 CI8
697138 64x32 CI8
69743C 64x32 CI8
6977F0 64x32 CI8
697B10 64x32 CI8
697E80 64x32 CI8
69811C 64x32 CI8

[Image: zRucJb2.png]

Most of the trees use the same CI palette at offset 0x4C68 in MIO0 block 132B50.
6913CC  32x64 CI8
691714  32x64 CI8
691AAC  32x64 CI8
691D98  32x64 CI8 left
692088  32x64 CI8 right
6923D8  32x64 CI8 left
6925E8  32x64 CI8 right
692888  32x64 CI8
692CC0  32x64 CI8

[Image: sCEWeLc.png]
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Amazing work QueueRAM!

MK64 texture archive v2 posted, see original post. Includes all currently known textures. Updates from v1:
  • ​Correctly decodes wheel palettes for karts
  • ​Lakitu, finish line banner, HUD items, HUD racers
  • ​Trees, cacti, piranha plant
  • ​Boo, green, spiny shell
  • ​Course and object textures
  • ​Some unused textures: striped starting lights, 1P, 2P, 3P, 4P
  • ​Used different compression on textures

Edit: For completeness of documentation, I am adding the palette offsets for the remaining CI8 textures:
Green shells MIO0: 68EB50 68EDA0 68EFF0 68F248 68F4A8 68F700 68F96C 68FBCC
CI palette in MIO0 block 132B50, offset 4E38

[Image: TWUa9Qf.png]

Spiny shells MIO0: 68FE20 69004C 690284 6904C4 690708 690960 690BBC 690DF8
CI palette in MIO0 block 132B50, offset 5038

[Image: vcDxG40.png]

Cacti MIO0: 695BA4 695EE4 6961E0 696488 6967FC
CI palette in MIO0 block 8666A0, offset 8380

[Image: XyhxVV8.png]

Piranha plant MIO0:  698378 69859C 6987FC 698A40 698C60 698E38 698FF4 6991F8 699500
CI palette in MIO0 block 8284D0, offset 6750

[Image: UheLgNO.png]

Boo MIO0: 712DC0
CI palette in MIO0 block 831DC0, offset 5C80

[Image: Yi196sy.png]

Cow MIO0: 693BC4 693F48 69429C 694628 694990 694CAC 694F7C 695268 6955AC 6958C0
CI palette in MIO0 block 852E20, offset 13870

[Image: uUqo3HI.png]

Kiwano fruit MIO0: 699E24 69A154 69A4C0
CI palette in MIO0 block 885A10, offset 13978

[Image: XEWBz1Q.png]
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MK64 texture archive v3 posted. Realized I saved these to the wrong directory, so they didn't make it in v2:
  • ​Yoshi's Valley porcupine
  • ​Rainbow Road neon signs and chain chomp
  • ​Ceremony trophy and podium number textures

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