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Any idea if the pre-new year tentative launch date is still in effect?

Deleted a few posts asking for a release date / if the project is still being worked on. There is no need for multiple posts that say the same thing.

Edit: deleted more release date conjecture posts
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Looks very interesting. I'll certainly be looking forward to ir when it comes out. This will be the first ever map editor for Paper Mario.
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Well at the very least, if this does in fact never come out, this has been an excellent proof of concept. I encourage anyone with the know how to try to make another tool like this one as well, preferably open source so that we can some day enjoy Paper Mario Rom Hacks in their full glory.

Im assuming something came up that was more important than this project, which is totally understandable.

Clover, If youre having trouble finding time to complete it, why not release what you have and we can all work together to wrap this up as a community?
Id love to see this get finished.

Hey guys, sorry to leave you hanging like that.
I made a big push for a Dec 31 release, but it didn't happen. I'm disappointed in that too.

The mod I've been working on is nearing completion. I'm going to cut the custom maps I had planned and aim for an end-of-Feb release date. I originally wanted to add a bonus area to each chapter with new puzzles, special enemies, and hidden prizes (new badges/star pieces). Unfortunately I just don't have the time to create the required maps. Perhaps we can collaborate on that for a community project at some point. Instead, I added a "pit of trials"-like series of battles that can be played to earn the new badges.

It seems like updating the documentation is a never-ending process. I think, for sure, we should create a wiki for the tools and general PM hacking after release. I've been writing a number of text documents that we can start with explaining the major systems of the game, how the RAM is laid out, the formats for a number of large, important data structures, camera position calculations, etc.

We should start talking about the release process. I suppose the whole thing could be thrown on GitHub, but I'm not familiar with how to do that. I'm also not going to build a new website to host it, there's just not enough time. Would someone else be interested in hosting it?

I'll be out for a business trip next week, but I look forward to hearing from you guys in the interim.
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Ok thats nice to hear! Smile we all thought you were dead!

Btw i can host it!

I'm quite good in html css js and here is some of my work:

[Image: unknown.png]

​Probably my best work, The Colorfull Stars website (click here)

I can host you free * websites too Wink
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Lorem Ipsum.

No worries man, it's just great to hear from you again. Real life always ends up taking more time than you'd expect.

Honestly for hosting, Github is the best option imo, free server space and it's very user friendly for browsing the code/forking a copy of the codebase. Github isn't too bad to figure out, I'd heavily advocate for Star Rod to end up there. If you really don't want to get involved with it, I could upload it to Github for you, but it really isn't a difficult process.

As for wiki space, there's always the wiki here Wink

YOUR ALIVE CLOVER! And I could be of assistance of making it a github project as well.

Thanks for the update!
Got Akira Himegawa's 10 Zelda Manga's for christmas, I can die happy now.

As for hosting your project, the origami64 wiki page might be a good place to start. GitHub seems like the best route if you're planning on going open source. Also seems like RobiNERD is up for the job if you want something fancy.

I'll put a mirror download up on my website Paper Mario Hacking Archive to help out. Can't wait to finally get my hands on your project!
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[Image: FJdRvVq.png]
Click the image to go to the PM:Hacking Archive
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