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(20-09-2016, 09:44 PM)clover Wrote: Hey guys, just dropping in for a quick (non)update. I've been on a ~2 month hiatus after some important matters came up at work.
My current plan is to release before the new year.

Super hyped for this!

I've come back to the forums...nice work Clover!

First thing I'm doing is adding Luigi. :V
Who you callin pinhead

can we have a beta version? hype train's driver is getting bored

Any idea if the Star Rod-edited ROMs will work on official hardware? I've been enjoying the 2.0x Damage ROM hack on my ED64P (generic cheap ED64 1.0).

iirc SM64 ROM hacks don't work on official hardware because of the multiple step ROM expansion processes and most OOT hacks don't work due to using the debug as the base. Though, some have said it's because of the polycount of imported models, which only emulators can handle.

Clover, will Star Rod just be java? Or will it have to be run on windows?

This is quite impressive! I'm looking forward to trying out the fruits of your labor.

Still super excited for this. Take all the time you need man.

i would love to learn how to hack games what would be a game that i can mess around with to help me transit to using star rod when it comes out, the only games i have hacked in the past is super mario world so i dont really know what id be getting my self into but love this game so much that i need to learn !

also just curious, how come you havnt released a beta version ? it seems like even if its not 100% done it still does 100x more than the other hacking tools available right now
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I'd imagine stability reasons, it'd really suck for an error to ruin any hard work on a hack someone was doing, or maybe even feature related reasons. This is all just speculation though on my part.

Do you think it will be possible to have multiple partners in a battle?

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