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hey guys. i got it working on my PC but I can only get one player to move with the keyboard and it keeps saying the controller config is disabled but wont let me enable anything. what should I do next?

What emulator are you running it on? If it is Project64 you have to make sure the controller is plugged in before you run it and then go to the options tab and then click on "Configure Controller Plugin". Then you will be able to change the controls for all controllers. Smile

Updated to 1.4, can now be used in SM64 Editor latest version.

Hey all, I'm playing SM64 Multiplayer version 1.4, but the camera seems more zoomed in than normal, especially compared to when I was playing SMSR multiplayer yesterday. The L button control only zooms it in even further.

Is this normal?

EDIT: I think it's only when one player is dead that it really becomes too zoomed in.
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Is there anything special I need to do to make this work with an Everdrive 64? Doesn't seem to be working.

Looked through the readme, and Googled for a while. Sorry if I've overlooked any documentation regarding this.

I'm pretty sure this doesn't work on a real N64. Could be wrong tho, as it is VC compatible.
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Holy f**k!! Think of the possibilities now with the dynamic update!!! Multiplayer mode for Kase's Last Impact hack, Multiplayer for Kaze's Chaos Edition 2.0 Hack. The possibilities are endless and my mind has blown. Thank you Skelux for making this open source!!! Now on to playing every hack imaginable in multiplayer!!!

Also have you thought of adding four players like in Kaze's online hack for Super Mario 64? Could be even more awesome!!!

Ok I tried to apply this Dynamic patch to The Last Impact Rom hack but the rom crashes right after the title splash screen. I have also noticed that you can't run the rom patch with the dynamic .pff with the Glide64 graphics plugin, this goes for any rom hack. It just sits there with a black screen. I have to switch to the default plugin that comes with Project64 and then it works.

EDIT: The plugins that are included with Project64 2.3.2 are Jabo_Direct3D8 plugin ( and the included PJ64Glide64 plugin ( The only one that works is the Jabo_Direct3D8 plugin. It is a very weird glitch since you can hear the music of the level but it just shows a black screen. This even happens with the included rom file for the Dynamic patch. So there are some tiny glitches to fix.
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I figured out why there was a black screen when running the new SM64 Multiplayer 1.4 Dynamic rom. In the settings of Glide64 included with Project64 2.3.2 there are two settings that have to be checked off or there will be a black screen:

- Under Frame Buffer Emulation make sure both Enable Frame Buffer Emulation and Hardware Frame Buffer Emulation are not checked or this will crash the rom. I have no idea why this happens but checking them off fixed the problem!
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how does it work? I am in windows 10 and I put in in my downloads file, and I don't know how to open it halp
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