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Super Mario 64 re-imagined as a multiplayer game, created after countless grueling hours of reverse-engineering.
I've also attached the documentation for those interested.

SMSR Multiplayer 1.2.1 (Mirror)
SM64 Multiplayer 1.3.1 (Mirror)
SM64 Multiplayer 1.3.1 [Wii WAD] (Mirror)

MEGA Decryption Keys:
SMSR Multiplayer 1.2.1: !QRMNYXLfLmirmd7ZtVljJNeb4gIeUMlsaYFocT5LdB0
SM64 Multiplayer 1.3.1: !tFknnYXyGvd7rvgIuWTvuxhIxlBGcLsoheNvk4i5zj0
SM64 Multiplayer 1.3.1 [Wii WAD]: !77CA-m4YtOa5m4w8yp3iHiLin9c_y53u0kaeViQzfjs

Note: If you are not using the included emulator, you will need to set the default memory size to 8MB under advanced settings in PJ64.

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Bump, SMSR Multiplayer 1.2 is nearly complete (might be naming it 1.3 to coincide with SM64 Multiplayer).
It's possible to get all the stars now, so that's pretty swaggerin'. Might post a new title screen some time soon.

Oh that is very nice to see. Its always a fun experience to replay the game with a friend having new features.
Oh and please dont forget to insert the updated Luigi Icon I gave you. Wink

Very swaggerin' indeed, can't wait for this.
Spoiler :
don't worry, won't spam your youtube again like the luigi in starroad
Gone for a while.

New versions are released! Check the video description for download links.

"merry christmas or something" with a wavy skeleton, life is complete
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Great work Skelux! Big Grin I can't wait until SMSRDS comes out!

Boner/10 Trailer, would watch again.
Really nice, I'm exited to play this again, this time with new features and 100%. Thanks for this beautiful christmas present! <3

1.2.1 is up, fixing a crash in Mad Musical Mess.

One glitch worth noting is in Bob-omb Battle factory mission: The engine leak. The glitch is when you make it to the top and hit the box the game freezes. Just thought I'd let you know. Smile

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