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I'm fairly new to ROM hacking, I've never made anything substantial to show yet,

I tried working with Banjo-Kazooie using the tool made for that, but getting into TT64, I can tell things are a lot more complex, anyone got good advice for someone new?

(Also I have another guy working with me on this project, I'll get him to come here too!)

woah, hey guys, welcome to EB Games.

But, anyways, I'm the other guy working on the project with Ricky. My situation is pretty much the same as his: I've played with romhacking a few times, but never been able to come up with anything substantial. We've got a project we're working on where we're trying to make a whole new Mario game in the SM64 engine. So, at the moment we're just looking for tips and tricks.

Hello and welcome both of you.

For SM64 hacking, I highly recommend going through Kaze's SM64 hacking tutorials on YouTube. He has a playlist up here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TGb7t9kuFLFIub-I3IOpi6NNsIL413
Be sure to read and use the links in his video descriptions for obtaining the tools he goes through.

It sounds like you've at least looked at TT64, but a brief overview of SM64 hacking tools can be found here in the SM64 Tools Thread

If you run into problems, you can consult the SM64 Help Thread and if you have more specific questions feel free to post them there. Some people idle in the Internet Relay 'Chat' link at the top if that's more of your thing.

Have fun and good luck!

Thanks a lot! Can't wait to get things going and in full swing!

Fairly New
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