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(30-01-2015, 09:08 PM)Skeletons Wrote: Feel free to give any suggestions or report bugs in this thread.

Download SM64 Editor 2.0.6

Spoiler: Version Changes
Changes in 2.0.6:
*Fixed scrolling textures not being removed correctly in the ROM
*Fixed level lists not being cleared after importing a level

Changes in 2.0.5:
*Fixed a drawing-distance issue which would cause distortions on real N64 hardware
*Moved extended music data to 0x805E0000 to fix Bowser battle 3 level imports

Changes in 2.0.4:
*Fixed fog not working for newer SketchUp models
*Fixed reading diffuse for Blender models
*Fixed reading models with no UV mapping
*Improved image processing speed
*Improved scaling of alpha layer

Changes in 2.0.3:
*Fixed sometimes getting stuck in a permanent loop while importing
*Fixed incorrect naming of imported sequences
*Prettier icon

Changes in 2.0.2:
*Corrected a RAM issue which would cause crashing in some ROMs
*Added a tweak for disabling the CRC
*Fixed CRC sometimes not updating
*Reduced size of converted display lists

Changes in 2.0.1:
*Sequences as large as 0x24000 are now supported (twice the previous limit)
*Sequence data relocated in RAM to allow for larger collision data
*Fixed incorrect reading of diffuse resulting in a crash

Changes in 2.0:
[Model Conversion]
*Transparency is fully functional, use the sliders in Sketchup
*Refractive surfaces can be enabled by adding "_ref" to a material name
*Custom backgrounds are automatically resized and imported seamlessly
*Improved efficiency and speed of display list conversion
*Support for a large range of texture sizes (16x16, 8x32, 64x4, etc)
*Added automatic resizing of all incompatible texture dimensions
*Support for faces with no texture image, only a color
*Drawing layer in custom importer is chosen automatically
*Enabled death floors for custom importer
*Fixed importing of indexed textures
*Fixed some models not being centered correctly
*Fixed importing models which contain no opaque textures
*Added ability to open Mario Kart 64 (U) ROM files and import music
*Added support for note velocity, MuseScore 2 recommended
*Added reverb setting for channels in XML converter
*Extracted sequences are also converted to a MIDI, incomplete
*Fixed low-pitch notes in XML converter
*Added option for sequences to play while the game is paused
*Fixed a bug with duplicate track names
*Imported level names are stored in the ROM
*Added Windows 10 support
*Various improvements to error-handling and interface
*Fixed reopening the same ROM/obj not re-reading the file
*Fixed mislabeled level/song names throughout the importer
*Fixed log files not displaying correctly in notepad
*Replaced M64 ROM Extender and rom_expand_64.exe with queueRAM's sm64extend.exe
*Enabled negatives for floats in the tweak editor
*Format of "Offset Polygon" property of scrolling textures starts at 0 instead of 1

Changes in 1.9.5S:
*Fixed error handling on collision tab
*Fixed incorrect patching of Mario's shadow size/opacity
*Fixed PPF pointlessly modifying the Whomp King's star spawn location
*Included the updated RAM_map.txt
*Moved extended music data to 0x805C0000 for better compatibility

Changes in 1.9.4S:
*Added option to ignore level size limit by holding alt-clicking 'Import Level'
*Improved navigation in collision editor
*Collision types are saved automatically
*Reorganized RAM usage and updated RAM map
*Three new tweaks by Kaze
*Fixed various mislabeled instruments
*Relocated scrolling texture routine to 0x1202400/0x80402400
*DMA copy code at 0x101B84 is only written after the first import
*Fixed custom importer's maximum offset ignoring the alpha display list size
*Removed bugged option of reverting title screen
*Various minor improvements to interface

Changes in 1.9.3S:
*Fixed minor graphical errors caused by increased clipping distance
*It is recommended to re-import levels created in 1.9.2S
*Fixed crashing separate collision in custom importer
*File dialogue goes to last known directory if location is missing

Changes in 1.9.2S:
*Increased 3D draw distance, no clipping in large levels
*Significant improvements to tweak syntax, you may need to manually update old tweaks
*Collision types work when importing without textures
*Enabled importing of alpha textures in custom importer
*Added three new water types
*Tweaks for changing cap music also fix the music in their corresponding level
*Tweak for changing ROM internal name
*Custom importer allows more space for title screen importing
*Fixed miscalculation causing custom BG to overwrite other levels
*Fixed miscalculation of bank 0x0E size
*Fixed slight misalignment of texture mapping
*Fixed collision not being centered in custom importer
*Fixed model offset position in custom importer
*Fixed incorrectly labeled music sequences
*Fixed mislabeled instruments and collision types
*Fixed bug in maximum size for custom importer
*DMA copy code at 0x101B84 is not rewritten every import
*Four new tweaks by Kaze
*Improved efficiency of display list conversion
*Further improvements to interface

Changes in 1.9.1S:
*Allowed importing of a separate model for collision
*Added the option to apply a tweak automatically after importing
*Increased RCVI hack from 3x to 4x regular
*Reversed a change in display list conversion which would increase size
*Six new tweaks created by Kaze
*Minor changes to interface

Changes in 1.9S:
*Added custom model importer and various presets
*Added tweak manager and various tweak files
*A basic hex editor is included in the miscellaneous tab
*Flawless obliteration of all stretched textures
*Removed polygon limit, though results may be unstable
*Skipping of opening has been moved in to the tweak manager
*Star requirement editing has been added to the tweak manager
*Can disable messages displayed after collecting certain amounts of stars
*Fixed loading of settings in 'Level Settings' tab
*Fixed collision parameter descriptions
*Updated collision type descriptions
*Fixed music silence bug which was incorrectly fixed in earlier versions
*Added palm tree to default geometry layouts
*Fixed conflicting model ID on TTM and RR 0x0E object banks
*Changed default import level to Bob-Omb's Battlefield
*Added option not to center the model
*Removed texture scale setting
*Minor interface improvements
*Improved efficiency of display list conversion

Changes in 1.8.1S:
*GUI background fixed for widescreen displays
*Error handling for write-protected MTL file
*Handling of various minor errors
*Explanations of scrolling textures when labels are clicked
*Mist and toxic haze is displayed correctly
*Multiple water boxes display correctly
*Added option to create invisible water boxes
*Added texture scale option for water boxes

Changes in 1.8S:
[Model Conversion]
*Scrolling textures have been added to the Special Material tab
*Death floor extends beyond original boundaries
*Fog works on alpha textures
*Experimental transperency option
*Most stretched textures are corrected automatically
*Vertices exceeding the maximum range are corrected
*Added texture scale option
*Shading options are numeric
*Supports up to 70 music sequences
*Descriptions of each instrument set added
*Music XML Converter incorporated into program
*High notes are shifted down octaves until valid
*Chords are imported almost perfectly
*Added Vibrato setting for each channel
*Can select the percussion channel from instruments list
*Selected instrument set is saved to file and recalled when importing
*Channels 10 to 15 are working
*Working pitch and transposing options
*Fixed music volume problem with certain sequences
*XML containing notes of 1/128 length or less import correctly
*Improved aesthetics
*Simplified directory structure
*Last directory for each dialog is saved
[Memory Banks]
*Bank 0x0E objects are working in levels of any size
*Overriding music size restrictions should not interfere with maximum level size
*New Easter Eggs added
*Added option to enable extended boundaries
*Added a PPF applier to the Misc Settings tab
*SM64 ROM will be automatically patched if not prepared for importer
*An incorrectly prepared ROM can be opened but importing is disabled
*CRC is automatically corrected
*Added an incomplete text editor
*Fixed bug causing trajectory to occasionally read incorrectly
*Added option to disable level intros
*Added option to enable widescreen improvements
*Main patch file does not alter credits
*Included many sample sequences

Changes in 1.7S:
*Support for up to 20,000 polygons
*Roms are extended to 64mb
*Option to enable VC hack to solve lag
*Normals are imported into the level (sketchup pro exporter needed)
*Level models are perfectly centered
*Increased water box, death height limits
*Automatic correction of Mario shadow size (TT64 shrinks it)
*Various less noticeable changes
Any feedback or suggestions will be considered.

I have a Problem with this new Version:
If I try to patch the objimport19s Patch a JIT Debugger Error appears!
Help please?
- Jessietendo

I have no idea of why this happens but there's a fatal crash that prevents using SM64 Editor when the computer's language is set to French. Changing the system language to English (United States) fixed it. The problem might also exist with other languages.
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I have a few suggestions for the next version:
  • Under the 'Music Settings' add something like a 'music preview' for testing custom sequences, and
  • Maybe add an option to import/export custom instrument sets?
  • Add a path creator/editor

I don't know how or even if any of these could be done, but if so, I would really appreciate it! Chill
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Wonderful tool! I have just a few suggestions:
  • Please prune spaces from the beginning of texture filenames before checking for them. In Blender-exported .mtl files, there are two spaces between map_Kd and the filename; e.g.
    map_Kd  brick.png
    which causes the importer to look for " brick.png". As it stands, I have to run a find-and-replace to remove these spaces or else it doesn't find the textures. Note that this is not erroneous behavior on Blender's part, as spaces aren't normally supported by OBJ materials, and so excess whitespace should normally be ignored.
  • This is probably much more difficult that I realize, but support for area importing would be nice. I know there's already another importer that does this, but it doesn't run on Linux through WINE - and besides, it would be nice to have everything in one place. If it's too complex to do automatically, I understand.
  • Perhaps a checkbox that automatically creates backups when you make changes to the ROM could be useful? While it should be on the user to create backups themselves, sometimes a change you think will be harmless turns out not to be Wink
Thanks for all your hard work on this! It's really easy to get the hang of.
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10: Star 
Err... when I apply Kaze's more object patches, the rom doesn't work anymore. Cry Can you fix this in a future update, as well as everything else everybody mentioned already?

Hi, I seemed to have found a few bugs in the current version of the SM64 Editor (2.0.6). When importing levels, the following issues occur on my end:

- Placing Bowser after replacing the Final Boss stage breaks the ROM's audio, even when using the coressponding object bank. The changelog states that this is supposed to be fixed, but the bug persists anyway.

- If Castle Grounds is replaced, Kaze's More Objects patch 1-3 breaks in other levels unless you give CG its corresponding object banks (in particular, the model ID of the Checkpoint flag is changed to a yellow Rainbow Ride platform in a custom level)

- When replacing Inside Castle, entering a level containing Kaze's More Objects patch 1-3 crashes the ROM, even when correctly configuring warps.

- When replacing Whomp's Fortress, if you exit the level or die and then go back to a level containing Kaze's MoP 1-3 (while the Lakitu cam is active), the emulator crashes (PJ64 1.6). This also happens when going to Castle Grounds after exiting Whomp's Fortress, since it too contains Kaze's MoP 1-3.

Things I have patched in my ROM:
- Always start with Mario cam
- All three of Kaze's more objects patches
- 3D Coins

I have tested all of these scenarios on version 1.9.1, and did not experience any issues. If you guys could try to replicate these bugs to confirm, that would be great. As for me, I'm sticking with 1.9.1.

Probably not a good idea to use specific patches like MOP without knowing what it changes and how 2.0.6 conflicts with it. Biggest culprit being free space location
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Gone for a while.

Well in any case, both MoP and SM64 Editor 2.0.6 completely killed my rom. I have to start from scratch again when I shouldn't need to. Good thing I have backups.

Also, one more suggestion: please give us the option to save 0x24 object layouts so I don't have to keep copying & pasting them via a hex editor.
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If I may, the only importer version I've been using since was 1.9.3S, and clearly, it happens that multiple objects of the MOPs (switchboards, flipswaps) crash the ROM if you get close to them, resulting it a lot of backtrack through the areas. Solution to fix the issue was resetting the ROM back, and there's no fix patch to prevent it nor to revert objects/behaviors that Kaze had replaced with.

Yes, definitely. I've been using 1.9.X and have yet to experience any compatibility issues with MOP or any crashes (other than an incorrect Checkpoint Flag model, but that's because I was using the wrong object bank). Not entirely sure what's going on behind the scenes to cause this exactly (probably swapped memory allocation between Importer versions). Or, as MrGreen said, free space location.
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