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awesome i like more sm64ds hacks!
and smgds looks great!!!

(28-03-2016, 10:21 PM)supermariosan100 Wrote:
(28-03-2016, 02:59 PM)Sparsite Wrote:
Ah, sorry I didnt realize you replied so quickly, I just added you on skype.

Also im currently making a code that, whenever you're in the air, you can spin jump by pressing L or R. Im still learning, but I've got alot of the code down.

Awesome, thank you.

(28-03-2016, 09:08 PM)RobiNERD Wrote:
Wow, 2 years ago I was making a similar project for SM64 and the result was crap... I don't think you'll get far

I'll pull it off Wink

Allright of you say so... Btw i was doing it on the console version...
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All you need is ASM Hacking. It's not going to take years to figure it out, I've already programmed some custom power-ups (metal cap on command, super speed on command, spin jump on command) These weren't very hard to to, but they can be time consuming at times.

Also, how many faces does that stage have? Minimum it should have is 4000. Also make sure to remove any existing texture animations (Texture Animation->Remove All->Save Changes)
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Max is not 4000, max is a little over 5000 I believe, but 4000 is ideal for no lag. Obviously, the SMG models are meant for the wii which is far more powerful than the DS, so youll need to simplify the models a lot.

Also, yes, try to avoid using 64x64 textures. Resize them if you have to.

Resizing textures takes like 30 seconds per texture, have photoshop or gimp open, or whatever image editor open, create a new 32 by 32 canvas. Now you just need to open each texture at a time, resize and save as .png

I don't know what you mean by "I'm gonna try to find a way" if you want your levels to play nice and smooth without graphical glitches or lag, youll need to lower the face count, and resize the textures.

(06-06-2016, 05:24 PM)Minato Namikaze Wrote: ​Little update today with a minimap and proper texture ! Still a long way to go but I can progress confident now Smile however one problem emerged in my mind when doing the minimap, this planet for exemple is alone but what are we going to do with a set of planets ?? Because once again thanks to the DS limitations I assume minimaps would looks like crap if we go from planet to planet even game assets would be less polished than this pre-alpha video here. Anyway hope you guys are doin' good

Alpha gameplay (Early Build)

Crynext step = skybox & title screen)

Man, it's private... anyway n64 is much more powerfull than ds... it will support up to 9000! Anyway Skeletons seem to have said he will make a separate collision importer, so then SMGDS might get up to 6000/7000 polys with separate map
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(06-06-2016, 06:49 PM)Minato Namikaze Wrote: I don't get what you said sorry do you mean a n64 port ? Mega-Mario said that the max is 2048 polygons and 64kb texture cache is the limit, I exceeded it by about 900 polys but yet still runs smoothly on Desmume 9.11 sadly I broke my r5 long long time ago so no way 4mi to test on a certified hardware to stress the game I don't mind giving a link to the mod if someone in the team can do that and is willing to as well
Video is public now*

What I meant was that N64 is more powerfull and will handle more than 9000 triangles without any asm hack.
DS is much less powerfull, but can handle more textures on screen
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(06-06-2016, 07:27 PM)Minato Namikaze Wrote: Got it, true both have their strengh but Nds is more suited thanks to stylus which can if we find a way to emulate some Wiimote usages on the other hand N64 have a 360 analog that helps character movements and player orientation pleasure some thoughtfull dudes mod their ds to have a stick like him I will continue on nds nontheless because of that video back in 2007 that settle the myth of Super Mario Galaxy DS by Pablo Belmonte  Tongue Click to watch trailer

Do as you want... 2 or 3 years ago I was doing something similar on N64, and when I had almost finished coding, I changed a wrong hex digit and the game autosaved its self with the corruption... just a small thing to say you should use LOTS of backups
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(06-06-2016, 07:45 PM)Minato Namikaze Wrote: DO IT !    Chill

Man conected it to my test rig computer (full of viruses) and it's clicking... my bad Sad
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(06-06-2016, 07:48 PM)Minato Namikaze Wrote: Redo from scratch then... You've done it one I B LIV IN YA  Cool

Might try but not really Hacking SM64 on the moment...
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