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The MEGA hammer (Editr_ update)
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Guys, remember Editr_... well I actually took a vacation away from hacking for a few months and organized a bit my ideas... now unlike before I'm gonna add a feature that is kinda like TT64 for SM64 that will kinda let you change position of things change the stuff inside bushes, change warp destinations, etc. Also I renamed it to The MEGA hammer, since there was no mega hammer in the original game... soon I will upload the new logo and hope you will enjoy it when it will come out...

Here is your logo, I know, it's fucking horrible, but...
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I think you really do not want to make an editor like TT64

Please, if you have no project to show then don't make a thread for it. This is becoming a recurring problem here and it's a bit of a nuisance. The last post you made for this project only showed a simple emulator VRML export, which suggests you haven't actually studied the ROM. First gather the information required to create an editor, and have some work to show for it. Then it will be acceptable to create a topic.
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what he said
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The MEGA hammer (Editr_ update)
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