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Hey guys, I need help obtaining sample save files that that are 100% complete. This includes completing the story, collecting all items, buying all badges, completing all sidequests, doing all the minigames, getting all the tattles, picking up every coin (not including enemy drops), searching every bush, smacking every tree, smashing every wooden box, and hitting every coin/badge block (visible AND invisible). I'm sure there are a few other things as well... If any of you are interested, please reply. You can use your favorite emulator or a real N64, but I will eventually need the binary save data, so make sure you know where to find it.

Paper Mario saves the state of certain objects and events to several arrays of flags/bytes/etc. Since editing the save file serialization/deserialization to add extra flags is not something that I want to tackle right now, we need to compile a list of unused flags available for scripts in our new maps. I can automate this to some extent by scanning through all the level/battle scripts, but many of these values are modified through function calls and some scripts are bound to slip through the cracks. This is where you guys can help out. After your save file is complete, make the binary data available for download and I can analyze/compare them. The more people that are willing to commit to this, the better our chances are of getting everything, or at least avoiding any commonly-encountered conflicts.
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Hmm, sounds like a challenge. I may do this, as I actually haven't played through the game in a while. Could be fun to try and get every last coin hidden in the overworld. Regardless, I'm SUPER excited to see that you're back into working on this.
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How can I get the binary save data from a .fla file?

The .fla file (or its equivalent for some other emulator) is the data I need.

Okay! I played through the game as thoroughly as I can.
Here's my save file:
Not sure how long that link will actually work. If you can't access the file, let me know and I'll use a different site.

A few notes on things I missed:
Tattle Tutankoopa
Tattle Crystal King
Maybe tattle some Magikoopas
Maybe tattle M. Bush and Hurt Plant(although I'm pretty sure I got them)
A single recipe(any way to find out which one?)
Maybe a trumpet plant(do they even save?)
All untattlable enemies(example: Final Bowser, Albino Dino)
All unreachable flags(example: coins and stuff on debug maps)
Edit: I think I missed Chan, Lee, and maybe some Bloopers as well.

Played on US, though I don't know which version number(if there are multiple versions). I didn't use any hacks or cheats. I did use a lot of speedup though :p

Of course, I doubt that I got everything. The game's pretty big, so obviously I've missed some stuff, even beyond what I've mentioned. We'll have to wait for more people to pitch in.

Hope this helps!
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I'll give it a try Big Grin

Haven't played Paper Mario 64 in years(exactly 5 years)
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Thanks, perhaps I should be more specific. My tools operate on the US version of paper Mario:
CRC = 65EEE53A ED7D733C (byte-swapped, offset 0x10 in the rom)
MD5 = A722F8161FF489943191330BF8416496
I doubt the save file format changes drastically between versions, but you never know.

Also, I recommend using something like this:
to keep track of everything.
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I have the US .n64 version of the game, I checked it with Tool64 and it's byteswapped
CRC: 0x65EEE53A 0xED7D733C

But MD5 is different: BA04CD8C8B8EB7DFC698D9C4C8E40785

I am at 2nd chapter btw, and only forgot one thing: Tattle first Jr. Troopa battle (In the 2nd I did)
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I might be able to help you there, Clover! It'll definitely take a while what with all of my school work and whatnot. If you can wait, I should be able to get it for you.

The game is pretty big, I'm trying hard to hit all the trees Tongue
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