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I need a team of people to help me with SM64DS hacking. I would just do it all myself, but there's a lot to handle in SM64DS hacking. And I don't want to waste the time or brain cells for some of the more complex things. It will make SM64DS hacking a lot easier for me, and every member of the group will have a say in the hack. I need members to do the following things:
1. Person for custom music.
2. Map Maker.
3. Someone who knows ASM(optional)
4. Warp Editor.
5. Star Door Modifier.
6. Backround Editor.
7. Title Screen Editor.

Current Members:
FireMario74 (Leader)
Phantom Core.

If you want to join, then please let me know below. Thanks!
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A few of these tasks are a bit narrow and could be lumped together:
Music Composer (You could add some other audio related stuff in here too if there is any)
Level Designer (Includes warps, star doors and backgrounds) (Probably should be more than one person here)
Miscellaneous Developer (Includes other small tasks, like title screen, objects, and maybe ASM)

Good luck!

Thanks! Big Grin

and what are you gonna do?

I'm gonna make some really great SM64DS rom hacks! And I will split the work between the listed things! Big Grin

Well, i am useless for anything. But i could test levels if you want and make a report if there are any glitches. (like being able to WTW or fall through the floor)

You are hired! (you don't get any money though) Could you also rate the levels for me and send private message for rated levels + glitches? Thanks!

I can try it. But im not the best at rating levels.
Awww... sorry Mario, looks like i will not get any coins for testing. so you have to live without any spaghetti! (sorry for this bad joke, couldn't hold it back XD )

please check PM's, i may be able to fill in the ASM part Big Grin

Do you have anything to show off that would want people to make stuff for you?

Recruiting a team for SM64DS hacking 1 2 »
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