Super Mario 64: Superstar Saga (Major Hack || Progress Thread)
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Demo Download: SMWCentral Mirror

(This hack uses .BPS patch.)

((Luigi/Lakitu Cam is recommended for this demo.))


~Kaze Emanuar
~And a few others


Hello everyone! I've decided to finally contribute to this forum by making a hack that hopefully you guys will enjoy, and yes this will be more than just an idea. This hack will be based off Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga and the stages will also be based off the locations of which are in the game.

Here are some screenshots of some test stages I've built to give a representation of what the stages will look like, soon to use sprites (turning them into textures) from the original game!

Screenshots of Stages:

Spoiler :
Stardust Field:
[Image: snap0031_by_megaman511again-d8aosz8.jpg]

[Image: snap0032_by_megaman511again-d8aosze.jpg]

[Image: snap0034_by_megaman511again-d8aoszc.jpg]

[Outdated] Oho Oasis/Gwarhar Lagoon:
[Image: snap0002_by_megaman511again-d6nwel6.jpg]

[Outdated] Hoohoo Mountain:
[Image: snap0003_by_megaman511again-d6nwekz.jpg]

[Image: snap0004_by_megaman511again-d6nwekt.jpg]

[Outdated] Joke's End:
[Image: snap0006_by_megaman511again-d6nweke.jpg]

[Image: snap0007_by_megaman511again-d6nwek5.jpg]

[Image: snap0008_by_megaman511again-d6nwejo.jpg]

Well, that's all I have for now!

Hope this works out well!
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I have never played Superstar Saga, but I could tell it was based off of it. In other words, your doing a good job.

Spoiler: Hoohoo Mountain
[Image: d7d0bb5d7a04ac94949fef262c8158e7_by_mega...8q2a4u.png]

Preview of Hoohoo Mountain, all stages will be connected to each other so you must travel to wherever you want to go, just like in the original game.
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This... this is amazing.
I'm bad at this.

Super Mario 64: Superstar Saga (Major Hack || Progress Thread)
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