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BaconBoy Wrote:Rename it. Tongue
You can't just rename it, the byte orders are different.

Ciancraft48 Wrote:How do you convert the .n64 file into a .z64 file?
You could use a byteswapper on the rom, but it would be easier to just download a z64 formatted rom. Here's one

(18-11-2016, 06:29 PM)RobiNERD Wrote:
(18-11-2016, 06:26 PM)Qwoll Wrote: Also, are there any Paper Mario hacks already out there that I can play?

Hard mode

Are there any hacks other than that? That actually have landscape differences and stuff?
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Not until Clover's tool gets released.
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Hello im new to modding and have a rom of Paper Mario (U) but the textures seem to be messed up in certain spots such as the white curb in Toad Town, and the file select screen is there a way to fix these issues?

Hi, I recently saw Clover's video about hacking PM64 and saw the chance to write the Paper Mario story I thought they would have made by now. I am a decent writer but have zero experience hacking or dealing with code. What are some basics links or videos that would explain the basics of hacking for PM64? Most of what I have read so far has gone over my head.
This would be a hobby I plan to work on for the next few years.

I would like to  make an ASM hack that replaces all items, save for a few, with pebbles. What I want to do is practically get rid of all items save for Dried Shrooms and a few other kinds of items. Where should I look for when debugging? Is it just easier to manually change all the items in each location?

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