Mario Maker Level Thread - Welcoming Kaizo and Fun Stages alike!
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So I decided to make this thread, Because it's out in japan and it comes out in the US tomorrow (and Europe?)

So post your course ID here so we can enjoy your fine level!
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Most of these are remakes:

Remake of 1-1 from New Super Mario Bros. DS:

Remake of 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. Special:

Return to the start (It's a level where you have to go right to left)

Speaking of remakes...
FE86-0000-0044-AD18 <-- 1-6 Super Mario Bros. 3

F490-0000-0044-AF20 <-- 8-3 Super Mario Bros

Need to start making actual levels Tongue

Here is my very first stage I uploaded: 1EC1-0000-005D-F74D
Spoiler :

How do I upload my levels?

1: Play Super Mario maker.
2: Go to your levels and click on the save robot (or whatever its called in english)
3: click on upload level
4: You will need to complete your level and after that it will upload it.
5: there is no five!

and thats how you upload it. after that it shows the address of the level. anyways.
Brutal Mario World Castle 1 remake(I tried to remake it as good as possible, but Mario makers boundary sucks and i had to shorten the level):69B9-0000-00D7-D3B4
I once had a harder version. In the harder version it was Bowser instead of Bowser JR. but so many peoples died trying to complete it, so i changed Bowser to Bowser JR.
Brutal Mario World Catch Yoshi remake: 4BDF-0000-00E7-5037
I once had a better version (I would say) but Nintendo deleted it. (LOL! Deleted it because of nothing! these...!) anyways this one is harder, Soooo... Good luck!
If i should post more just tell me. I already hit my Upload limit, so i still have 8 more levels. (if you wondered.)


Here is one. My Brother and his friend designed it. 95C6-0000-0283-0C5D
Level is called Pro's Only.
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Mario Maker Level Thread - Welcoming Kaizo and Fun Stages alike!
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