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Hello everyone,

I'd like to know which programs other mod authors prefer to use when it comes to:
(a) 3D modeling -- my tools support OBJ only at the moment
(b) color index sprite editing (no idea what people prefer to use for this)

Based on your responses, I will try to provide compatibility for importing geometry/collision and texture/sprite editing.

Thank you.

The majority of people use Google Sketchup 8/2014, the next most common being blender.
I'm not sure what you mean in (b), colour palettes? I edit those sorts of things in Gimp, I'm not sure about other people.

1: i suck at modelling so...
2: i use Glide videoplugin to dump the textures and load em. and if i want to change em i use Gimp and Windows Paint.
or... what do you exactly mean?

a) I've used Google Sketchup before and I've done some work with blender, but I don't have much of a preference when it comes to modeling.
b) I use Paint.NET and Gimp when I edit images. When I manipulate an image's palette I use IfranView.

To be honest, I'm sure we'll all conform to the tool that you provide.
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Sorry, I should have been more specific. Suppose you wanted to add NEW textures or sprites. For the most part, Paper Mario uses 4-bit color index images (16 color palette) and not RGB. This saves a considerable amount of memory on the video coprocessor (remember, N64 texture cache is only 4 KB!), but may be more difficult to work with in many image editing programs. I am asking if there is a specific palette-based sprite editor that people would prefer to use.

In the end, it may be easier to make a simple image editor and work natively with the game's texture files.
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so... in a nutshell, you mean you would make a editor with that we could insert new sprites? or you mean you would make a editor so we could change existant sprites (for example changing Mario to Wurmi like i did with a Texture pack?) yeah, sorry... i guess im not smart enough to understand it ._.

I've yet to have a need to make indexed (AKA palettized) sprites myself, but a friend of mine recommended AseSprite. He said he used it for NES and GameBoy dev.

Referencing my previous reply.

IfranView is a program I use for hacking Gameboy Advanced games. It will convert almost any image's palette to your required format.

I'm on mobile right now , so it'd be be difficult to post a link... So if you're interested in the program just Google it. btw It's free
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Since Google Sketchup can export as OBJ, I think it's fine that your tool can only accept OBJ files. Importing functionality can always be expanded in the future. I'm really excited to start getting my hands dirty with this tool, though, but one thing I'm curious about is how the camera is handled. Some areas of the game have non-linear camera movement (like shooting star summit for example). Is the camera data editable?
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Camera data is tricky, it is editable. It is controlled (mostly) by special types of collision objects I call 'zones'. Whichever one Mario is currently above gets control of the camera. There are ~7 different types of cameras (fixed, panning, rotate about axis, etc) all with special properties that can be set. There are further complications and special cases as well. This is the one data structure in the game that I have not yet fully cracked, mostly because I've been busy with other things. The editor allows you to set camera data arrays, but you have to enter it directly as hex words.

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