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[Image: sg6Mgkt.png]

The day was like any other day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Even with a few baddies here and there, the kingdom was at peace. One uneventful morning, Mario and his brother Luigi were sent on an errant by the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom itself! However, they did not realise that they were merely tricked by Bowser. Unbeknowingly the two fell in to his trap and Bowser's baddies took the two brothers by surprise. Off at Bowser's Castle the two brothers both were loaded in to gigantic cannons and each got fired to a different direction. Mario eventually landed face down in the sand of an unknown beach. Here Mario discovered his true destination: Quintopus Island! However, where Luigi was headed, is a story for another time...

​List of areas:
​Area 1: Millo Beach
​Area 2: Rock Peril Ravine
​Area 3: Faraway Island
​Area 4: Skywing Pillars
​Area 5: That Tiny Mushroom
​And more...

​Current star plan: ~71 stars


Hub (all screenshots here are outdated and do not display the final product),
[Image: cq20ws9.png]
[Image: mhjcJoB.jpg]

Area 1: Millo Beach,
[Image: kvr5dIR.png]
[Image: jOUpLlH.png]
[Image: Tdgk7xy.png]
[Image: cJGUXO8.png]
[Image: aIk8nut.png]
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That beach level looks nice. Bright and colourful. Love it.

For everyone who doesn't know yet. The hub was too empty and big so I am currently working on a new one, which will be my last attempt for one and it'll be the one which is used. The island is now a 5-armed octopus and the new hub is getting along nicely. I will post pictures when I am half done with it.

Preview image:

[Image: kvppGwb.png]

Wowowowow, this looks awfully cool! One thing, that water fade is made of a single texture or 2/more?
[Image: Mastery_sketchup.png] [Image: Mastery_paintdotnet.png]

Multiple textures. I don't really have time to do vertex colouring nor do I really know how.
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Hub is sortof finished, so here are some pictures! (note: trees aren't added yet)

[Image: pBuEIdi.png]
[Image: kgp216U.png]
[Image: xlHGExn.jpg]
[Image: qbxWuuD.png]
[Image: pjipxmu.png]

I'm looking forward to this, it's very detailed, hope the difficulty curve doesn't ruin it Tongue
[Image: Mastery_sketchup.png] [Image: Mastery_paintdotnet.png]

Are those shadings done manually? and it looks pretty beautiful. I also love the sunset, you've gotten a lot better.
Gone for a while.

Since it's going to be Halloween soon, here's a spooky update. Since the island of this game is quite far away from the Mushroom Kingdom, one would expect life, or in this case, ghosts to be quite different here than in the Mushroom Kingdom. So, without further ado, I present the Quintopus Island Boo!

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