SM64 Custom Title Models
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Similar to the SMWC branch thread, it is about requesting a custom hack title model you wish to implement. If you're new to hacking, entitling the game and want to put a coolier model via the name, so this is for you.

As I excel on this domain, I made an awful lot of title models in sketchup, so feel free to post regarding the conditions on your request, which is also free at best.

Here's few examples of how a custom title looks to be in-game:

[Image: BHfayR7.jpg]

[Image: 4Vf1C8q.jpg]

[Image: RliNdvu.jpg]

[Image: neYR2Y6.jpg]

You can, if you will, ask me or anyone to make your custom title model. So go request right ahead to your heart's content!
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Can you create one for me?! I want one that says Super Mario Sacred Castle.
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I'd like one, if you can make one for me. I would like mine to look like the beta of Super Mario 64, though, it syas "Super Mario 64 The Beta Stars"

can you make me one saying SM64 : The Honorable Levels

My Skype is brandonleeritchie.2

Send me the .obj file when its done please
A SM64 Hacking Weeb

Hey crash could you make me a title screen with the text of "Mario's unusual adventure 64" thanks!
Smile Exploring the world of hacking my project: Mario's Unusual Adventure 64 Cool

You can make a title screen for me calling "SM64 Bowser's Intense Challenge"?
For what I did, it was not very good
I'm working on a hack called SM64 Nostromo

Hey, you still makin' these? I would like one that says: Super Rosalina 64. As for appearance, go nuts! Whatever you think is best. My Skype is segastar21. Please send me the finished model if you so choose to help me out! I appreciate it!

Hello if you are still making theese i need one sayin SUPER MARIO 64 DELUXE
pm when done

Hey im wondering if you could make a custom title of the name 'Super Mario 64 : Dark Adventures'
And could you but 2 red stars on each side. doesnt matter if its 2d or 3d but i would most likly like 3d

SM64 Custom Title Models
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