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I finally started on my mod/hack of PM64. called Wurmi's Paper Adventure 64 Final version (1.0)! This mod (from now on i'll call it a mod.) changes the text to say wurmi. and its also more fitting. i also changed the HP of the enemies (because it would be boring if the enemies had the same strength) i also made a Texturepack that inserts Wurmi. to play as Wurmi you will need a plugin that supports TPs! (like... Glides or Mudlords) (or else you will play as Mario and... yeah thats weird Undecided )
i also changed some item names.

Chapter 1 in action:

(a video is better then any screenshots.)

the big moment is here. the Demo version!


NEW DL:http://www.mediafire.com/download/ntx3tzj1axtgch5/Wurmis+Paper+adventure+D2.rar

Full Version 1.0 is now out!


If you see any mistakes in there... just tell me by sending a PM!
also if you find any missing Wurmi sprites tell me it too. because its not easy to keep track of em all!
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Updates:Everything up to C5 have been changed. (i even did the ending too!) i still need to change some items, but other then that... the Mod is almost complete! can't believe that huh? Well... me neither! i think i will soon make another demo once i found the last sprites of Mario. and it looks like i only need to change up to 5-7 sprites of him! stay tuned for more updates!

Is Mario's sprite changed within the rom's code or is it changed using an emulators feature?

Nice job by the way.
It's great to see other's interested in hacking Paper Mario.

Keep up the great work.

P.S. If you don't mind me asking who is Wurmi? Big Grin
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1: Texture pack only. i can't Hex edit the game (even if i tried... i might screw it up cause i never used HxD O_o )
2:thanks! i always wanted to hack/mod a Mario game but... im a Noob at Modelling, and... well... Paper Mario is really easier then Super Mario 64 (or... its because i can't model hack and my hack would suck because it would still have the same levels)
3:uh... Nutshell: Wurmi is my Fancharacter.
Whole story: Wurmi is the alternate version of the Hero of the fangame Kingdom Fantasy, (that my friend is making) he used the (no english name available yet) Verwandler to change his appearance to look a bit like mario. and because Mario is amost too lazy to save Peach... Wurmi decided to do all the stuff Mario should do. also the dimension he lives in is a alternate world. (if ya know Tales of Xillia 2 you should understand what i mean.) so almost everyone is different. (as a example: Mario of KF is a hero and saves peach usw. and Mario alternate is a... lazy Plumber.) but... most persons still think Mario is a hero, but Wurmi doesn't mind because he knows he is a better hero.(also: Mario of KF likes Pasta the most. and Mario alternate likes Mushroom Pizza.don't ask me why!) yeah... maybe i should have let it go (no pun intended!) after telling the Nutshell version.(Heavy:that was much text!)

everything up to C5 got changed! now its possible to complete C5. but after this, the demo ends. be thankful because i instantly worked on the mod after waking up! i think the final version will be up on Thuesday. (or maybe even Monday? ) the easter egg is complete. it awaits where whacka once was. also... PRAISE BE TO PROSCIUTTO!I finally completed all the enemies! every enemy got changed. so now they are stronger and can give more EXP.points. or not. its a secret.
thats all.
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i did it! all chapters! now... i'll only need to test them and finally give the download to the full version! i hope you are going to enjoy Wurmis Paper Adventure 64 after i uploaded it! i might also make a little Teaser if i got time.

If Clovers editor is getting released will you make custom Maps?
If you make it, please make it with uv maps because much people deosn't use uv maps and makes their level looking really bad.
Same thing with smoothing.

Heavy: is not possible!
like Heavy said. i SUCK at modelling. i once tried it and i failed MISERABLY. and yeah... i did try it more times but i didn't get any better. so i gave up. but if his tool supports changing/adding item boxes i might do this, so that the unused badges are gettable (and the hustle drink and bug repel) if i would want new areas (or replacing the old ones)... i might need to form a team. anyways thanks for telling me if i would make maps i need to use uv maps and need to smooth it. i bet most hackers don't know this!

I inserted the unused angers Badge into the game and tried it. its called "a" after you get it. i am not able to change its name NOR its description. so it will be blank. it will cost 1 star piece (don't ask me why.) and gets the nickname Berserk Badge in Wurmis paper adventure. it also replaces Pay off. (Pay off is useless anyways...) and i also started dumping Marios anger sprites. i might change some more of the useless badges and replace em with the unused ones. okay! i inserted alot of unused badges into the game. now my mod has something new! but... they are glitchy... so after you get one of the badges (well except the Right On!) the text says you got the a badge. also the description is non existant and shows garbage. the final version of my mod almost comes to an end... im so proud of myself!
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Well... im done. the hack is now complete. i might do some little missing sprite fixes and might rename some items. but for now... the hack/mod is complete! i must say... the last chapter was brutal! either my skills are rusty or... i might have overdone it! i might make a balance version soon... anyways. i will soon upload the Final Version 1.0 . and i will let the demo versions still be available for everyone that wants to try
the game out.also, if Clover releases his tool to change the areas i might use it. i still need to insert some of the badges to the game. well... if his tool will support this! i do hope so Undecided . (by this i mean insert red boxes that will have these badges inside)
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