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Q - Why won't my imported music play?
A - The max SSEQ size is about 9kb, try to keep it under that.

Q - What can I do to prevent some of my textures from appearing blocky and low-quality?
A - At the moment you can only either increase the contrast of the texture or import in IMD format instead.

(more to be added)

The problem is probably the texture animations. Once you've opened Castle grounds in SM64DSe, press the Texture animation tab and click on remove all. Also in the future please ask questions in the SM64DS Help Thread.

When you import the level you need to assign the textures a collision. To do so you need to get the number for the terrain. The numbers for the terrains can be found here:

You can change that in the CLPS tab of the level editing window.

After saying what kind of terrain you want to use, you need to click "assign types".  

[Image: wVv4ATk.png?1]
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I have the very same issue. I wouldn't reply in the help thread because I didn't have the solution.

Why don't you ask Kuribo 64? They usually answer.
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(21-12-2015, 03:27 AM)isceptul Wrote: So in sm64dse when i import my level i assign my water texture a water value and click assign textures, and it gives me an unhandled exception and says the input string was not the correct format even thought it IS because its on skelux' pastebin.

How do I fix this?

NOTE: I had to make this thread because no one on the help thread replied

You are supposed to assign the collision type ID, the values in my text document are supposed to be entered in to the CLPS editor which you can find at the top of the level editor.

I need help. When I place doors I can jump through them. Thanks!

(28-12-2015, 11:33 PM)FireMario74 Wrote: I need help.  When I place doors I can jump through them.  Thanks!

I'm pretty sure you need to place the doors over a solid wall, what I do is have a separate collision model like this.

Okay thanks! Big Grin

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