Paper Mario: Hardcore Mode (Skelux insane mode + Knux5577's Enemy HP boost)
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As promised, here is the rom!

It is zipped so you will need winzip or 7zip (I prefer 7zip, plus that is what I used to zip the files) Along with the rom are 2 text files, one is the new enemy HP values and the other is a small, edited Insane Mode documentation from Skelux.

If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a reply here. Any and all feedback is welcomed!

ALL CREDIT FOR THIS WORK GOES TO SKELUX (Insane Mode) AND KNUX5577 (HP boost). The only thing I did was manually add the new HP values to the Insane Mode version, and changed what Peach's letter says in the beginning. I would still love to be able to change enemy move powers to make harder bosses, but as I have said below I know practically nothing of rom editing so... have to wait for an update to Kirigami. That's all. Have fun and GOOD LUCK! You'll need it heehee ~_^

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As the title says I plan on making a combination of Insane Mode and the Enemy HP boost for the most difficult Paper Mario rom edit I can actually do as of this time. (I have no real knowledge of rom editing and am relying strictly on Kirigami64 and a the list of HP changes Knux5577 did in his(?) patch)

Since all I will be doing is manually editing the enemy HP values in Skelux's Insane mode on Kirigami, it should not take me very long and should have it finished by tomorrow.

I would LOVE to be able to edit enemy attack powers to make more powerful versions of bosses, but since I know practically nothing about rom editing I will jut have to wait for an update to Kirigami.

Well that's about it! I would like to give thanks in advance to Skelux for all the awesome work with Paper Mario editing, Knux5577 for the enemy HP increased values and all the great people on the Skype group for putting up with my very newbie questions  Heart
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This was quite fun to complete, I liked the boss fights especially. An issue I had with it is that it was too easy. Using Dizzy Shell or Mega Shock, you can keep nearly any enemy stunned permanently, so it really doesn't matter how much HP they have or how much damage they deal. Once Kirigami gets updated, I hope that there is some way to change how resistant the enemies are to these attacks.

Unfortunately, the only effective way to make true difficult hacks is to limit the items that make it easier in the first place. Badges are easy to remove, but items can still be created by Tayce T. Item resistances would be the next step if someone could find the addresses in the ROM.

Some way to disable Tayce T? I could try to find the game code for what happens when you select "yes" or "no" if she'd like to cook you something and modify the "yes" path so it points to the "no" path. I'm not entirely sure on how I'd go about finding that part of the assembly code, as I don't have a "value" to track an address to break upon read/write for other, easier things.
[Image: 2wKJA6Y.png]

Well, I'm not entirely suggesting that we disable Tayce T. altogether. For example, I modified The Master's stats so he's incredibly difficult to defeat, even for players that have max 50HP/50FP/30BP stats. However, I soon realized that if I equipped, say, Zap Tap or used a Volt Shroom, he becomes incredibly easy. Yes, the intention of these items is to help the player, but not if you actually want your hack to be difficult.

It's just that, if you remove a certain item that makes the game easier (as my above example), someone would figure out that they can go to Tayce T. and she can make a Volt Shroom anyway.

The same goes for items such as Whacka Bump or Deluxe Feast which recover good amounts of HP and FP, so people can still go for early-BP runs, making the game slightly easier with badges and then eventually having high amounts of HP and FP towards the end and continually using Deluxe Feast/Jelly Ultras, even in combination with Double Dip or Triple Dip.

A temporary workaround I propose for this issue is to remove dual-recovery items (e.g., items that recover HP and FP in a single turn such as Whacka Bump or Deluxe Feast) and force the player to use Double Dip or Triple Dip to recover as so. This adds a gameplay-altering difficulty curve, if ever so slightly. The reason is that the player must make decisions with items, badges, and FP usage; there's also the fact that Double Dip isn't available until after Chapter 2 and Triple Dip until after Chapter 7.

Of course, the whole idea of Cooking and Badges is to make the player strategize. Removing these options would be like a slap in the face. However, it's the only way to make the game remotely difficult because Paper Mario hacking is so young and limited until the Star Rod editor is released, if ever (you have no idea how much I've wanted to pass the 127 HP limit.)

Just my thoughts in any case, but I think hacks like these still pose a good challenge to those who do not make good decisions.
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Good points. I mean, at some point it would just become tedious, where you have to have a full inventory full of items at all times just to progress. I suppose there are people that would like that challenging aspect, though. I'm looking forward to custom bosses (something Clover said he was working on)

Quote:The editor will release with an example mod (a 'hard mode' unlike any other) along with the source files and assets needed to build it. The mod is halfway through to chapter 2, and I'm working on some custom maps for it. I plan to include a bonus side area for each chapter and some extra endgame content: 3-4 superbosses, an endgame bonus dungeon, and endgame rematches for every chapter boss.

That was said back in May, so who knows how far that has progressed.
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Paper Mario: Hardcore Mode (Skelux insane mode + Knux5577's Enemy HP boost)
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