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[Image: fvzW1s1.png]
Logo by MrNiki09.
Ever wanted some good quality models in your hack but had no idea how to model objects like Trees and so on? Well then you're in luck today! Team 64NK (Stomatol, MrNiki09 and I, Mr. GreenThunder) present to you, some high quality and well modelled objects from a dedicated and hardworking team(citation needed) which can aid you in making models as high quality as this! 
[Image: T91wPLC.jpg]
such 3d. much cacti. wow
Errr... maybe not that high quality(gj stomatol Smile )
But as high quality as this castle ground remake done within 2 hours!
[Image: cgrounds.jpg]
[Image: cgrounds2.jpg]
​All the objects present there are downloadable and some objects in the pack are not shown there.

Some models show case;
[Image: aEqa0EN.png]

[Image: CRSyUh0.png]
​Oak Tree

[Image: RLbtCKx.png]
Pine Tree

[Image: PnYnzRW.png]
Palm Tree

Stalker Tree

Bubbly Tree

ayy lmao
SNN Root Beer Float
And Many More

​Youtube Video
​Media Fire Mirror
​SMWCentral Mirror
Have fun and have a splendid C3! And give credits to Stomatol, Mr. GreenThunder and MrNiki09 if used!
~Team 64NK
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WOW!!!  Stun  Realy NICE! I will use some objects and will give Credits, sure!  Wink
Thanks for your work  Chirpy
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REALLY NICE PACK !!! I Think I will use them for the first level Big Grin

Hello, Stomatol and I and maybe Nikki are thinking of making another model pack, you can make suggestions/requests of what we could put here.
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These are really great! Planning on using the pine tree for my Banjo-Kazooie mod!

Any updates on a new pack?

Not really, I've decided to work on it alone since the team is pretty lazy and less productive unlike before.
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Gone for a while.

YAY! Great work green! I can't wait to see and use these! The last one was WAY too good. Just kidding but seriously great job!

Le Team 64NK Presents
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