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Having just discovered a level select menu in SM64DS, I thought it would be a good time to open an unused content thread.

I'll start with the level select menu:

It can be activated by replacing 0202AED8 (EUR RAM) or 0x2AED8 (EUR ROM) with 0x02. The level names can be edited at 0x11E5E0 (EUR ROM).
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Awesome. Might take the time to see if I can't figure out how to apply this.
I remember trying to play VS with action replay codes on, and my player and the friends player were doing their own thing on his DS and mine respectively.
miiiight look into it in a while.
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Tried that out seconds ago FANTASTIC for debugging and quick access thanks alot indeed Skeletons
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I recently discovered a debug flight action which can be activated in the decompressed EUR ROM:
0xE07FC: 5C 02 11 02

Pressing A will make you fly up, B makes you fly down, R deactivates fly mode.

​Warning: Mute your speakers.

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Cleared out a bunch of pointless messages... Try not to clutter threads with questions that have already been answered.
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My question on how to actually activate the debug flying hasn't been answered.

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