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Please don't quote quotes, it makes a huge mess (I've edited your posts). And VS community is free, you just need to setup an account.

When ill get back home ill edit this post with a screenshot, i also tryed logging in with another microsoft account with no succes..
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Soft lock during a practice run. The cutscene won't start until bombets postion is set to x space. And Marios movement is locked. So when Mario blocks her, SOFTLOCK!
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(21-11-2016, 10:35 PM)Gamecubed Wrote: This is so cool. LOL!

This is super funny lol Chirpy
[Image: FJdRvVq.png]
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ᴼᴴ ᴴᴵ ᵁᴾ ᵀᴴᴱᴿᴱ\(ಠ_ಠ)

I thought so to! It took a long time to find the koopa bros castle exit.

Shy Guy Toy Box Model I made, ToyHouse.

Tower with Place for Chest at top.

If you want, I will upload .vrml OR .obj OR .3ds

Come on Clover
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Example of variable length text editing via reassembly of the entire dialog bank. Will release the asm source files and decoder tool soon.

Hello! Me and ZioMirko_ have documented some pointers to RAM adresses of the start screen menu text.

Here is our documentation:
Size: 788 bytes / Downloads: 37 .txt   paper mario 64 pointers documentation.txt

And here is the RAM dump with the corresponding adresses (without the 80 at the beginning):
Size: 4 MB / Downloads: 22 .bin   RAM dump.bin

When editing don't forget to have a look at the text table:
​Text Table

And i have some great news! There is alot of free space to use to expand your text! I think it's worth mentioning that the part (that i would call safe to edit) of ROM that gets passed into RAM is from 16C038 - 16C234 (ROM) to 24B7D8 - 24B9D4 (RAM) (there is also more but i wouldnt reccomend editing any of that), so editing the text in ROM then with some simple maths getting the ram adress and then changing the pointers will be easy enough for you to expand your start menu text in your ROM hack!

I hope this worked for you! Have a nice day everone!
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