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I love the new Mario's Holiday Demo and had a question for anyone who has played it:

Spoiler :

I was wondering if anyone who has played it yet can confirm if the 100 coin stars make a return or not. Also has anyone found the Seventh Star in the Pirate Ship level yet?

Bob-omb Cruiser's seventh star must be the 100 coin star. This is kinda game breaking since the blue coin block doesn't always spawn the blue coins and the turtle shell sometimes breaks for no reason when jumping in the water. Also the tornado that you have to use to get to the floating islands behaves very weirdly, not taking you up that high most of the time. I only managed to make it up there once out of literally 50 times. The camera view while riding the shell makes this task even harder( it appears to be looking down on your character instead of straight out so that you can see where you're going. And for the second time the game has crashed on me. I really want to play this through, so I hope the final game has these taken care of.

Has anyone been able to get Mario's Holiday to work on the M3 or R4 flashcarts? On my m3 it gets stuck on loading and the R4 says its an invalid ds program and wouldn't let me run it. I tried to also run it on TWLoader and it just gave me a white screen

It works almost perfectly on my R4i 3ds Gold card

I am using a standard R4 Wood cart and it is not working lol
Why you looking at this? Trouble

[Image: Dm2XNhq.png]
So it only works on a few flashcarts. Tongue
Why you looking at this? Trouble

Here's what I'm using:

I just made an account to share this but there's random tearing here at the beginning of Frosty Fair and at this camera angle the pipe disappears, I am using TFLoader on my 2ds by the way.
[Image: K5CcvdS.jpg]
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