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(22-06-2017, 11:35 AM)Poudink Wrote: It's not sure it'll work. Butterfly 64 DS, for example doesn't work.

It works with v0.4.3 now, so it's likely that Star World will work.

I was just testing the new controls.

It's really nice that you can just run without having to constantly be pressing the Y button.
One thing that kinda annoys me tho' is the fact that the B and A buttons and the Y and X buttons seem to have been switched for some reason..?
I don't really see the intention of that. Undecided

Same. I tested the controls and I've got a complain : it's fine to always run and press a buton to walk. Great idea but now, there is just 8 directions to move. It's hard to explain but if your D-pad is a compas you can just move N, S, E, W, N-E, N-W, S-E and S-W. You cant go N-N-E or S-S-E ect. It's looks like nothing but some jump and plateforming are really hard to play with that. I play on the 3ds.
I dont know if it's already know or if you understand but I want to help to make the best game. Also sorry for my bad english.

It's impossible to fix on real hardware because it's limited to d-pad limitations, however, if you're using an emulator, it is possible to have more than 8 directions using the little tool bundled with the control patch and following the instructions from the txt.
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But I dont have the problem with the original 64 DS game (on the 3ds too) when I run or walk so why not ?

The problem is still there. I guess it's just less noticeable.
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I think there is a true problem with the control (on 3ds). I try to make the same tricky levels and missions to compare and with the original (with a sticker on the buton to always run) I can make some tricky jump easily and with the test control It's almost impossible to make something correct or a somesault per example and it's frustrating. I found out that in the original, the character turn progressively until he is in the S-E or N-W ect axe and with that, you can go S-S-E and others. With the mod, you go in the direction S-E or N-W ect instantly. This is the true problem for me.
It's hard to explain. I hope you understand.
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Video showing the anti-cheating measures in SMSW:

Seems very great ! But I can't have any demos because I'm not 18... :'(
But I found the secret level in the Control Test V 0.6 Wink

New preview showing the hub:

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