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(13-10-2017, 02:25 AM)SuperML Wrote: Is it possible to use the controls patch with another SM64DS ROM hack? I tried doing it myself, but failed.

The SMSW Controls Test is not for use in other ROM hacks, hence the name SMSW Controls Test.

In case nobody's seen it yet, here's the latest preview of Super Mario Star World, featuring Koopa Canyon:

Question, are you able to port this to a 3ds or is it just emulator? Love your work skeletons!

(25-11-2017, 06:30 PM)LTK Wrote: Question, are you able to port this to a 3ds or is it just emulator? Love your work skeletons!

3DS users will hopefully be able to play it through TWLoader.

I would be honored!

Sorry to bother everyone, but does anyone else have a mirror of the controls test 0.7? The one posted on the previous page at is hosted in Dropbox and the hosting account has hit a bandwidth limit. I have 0.5 already, but I was looking forward to seeing what's new. Many thanks!

You made 50,000 subscribers to YouTube. Now you can release a demo of Super Mario Star Road.

I mean Star World.

I've created a short demo + prequel called Mario's Holiday, download it from the main post:

Played through the demo, some thoughts and constructive criticism:
Spoiler :

-The controls feel quite good for the most part, but is it possible to give the analog stick an actual deadzone with this program? So far it's a crapshoot whether I can get my character to stand still center properly or not, the slightest breeze is picked up as input.

-Yoshi can also infinitely wall jump against the same flat surface, very easily. He's kinda OP.

-The camera also really likes to stay underneath my character while they're jumping, which makes jumping on those floating crates in Frosty Fair a lot more awkward than they would be otherwise. If it weren't for this problem they'd really show the strength of the controls here, jumping on small platforms like these feels a lot more fair here than it did in Vanilla 64 so it's a shame that the camera can't keep up.

-SM64DS's Camera centering was clearly designed for Mario's old movement that had slower turning and runs into issues very quickly with the new controls. It moves too slowly and additional movements while it's moving around to Mario's back will influence where it decides to stop in a way that makes it incredibly difficult to control.

-The big boo has really weird behavior when fighting him with Yoshi. Instead of dying after 3 hits he will shrink after each hit and never die, instead continually shrinking until his hitbox is completely gone, but his shadow is still moving around.

- I really don't like this water level. The concept was exciting at first, but it's really just a small boat with a ton of empty space around it. The tornados aren't signposted at all and have very wonky behavior where they will launch you at very inconsistent heights and speeds. At one point I had one bug out and get stuck in the ocean. The treasure chest star is in a random corner of the ocean that is hidden by the draw distance. Falling into the water and getting out is tedious as hell.

-The blue coin challenges are very buggy, they will usually just not spawn the blue coins at all. I think it might have to do with other objects being onscreen? The one on the pirate ship has a lakitu nearby that might be the thing that messes with it.

-The floating wooden crates in Frosty Fair will sometimes spawn even when the switch isn't pressed. Not exactly annoying

-Hit detection with the shell in the pirate level is borked, you have a roughly 75% chance of randomly bonking and falling off of it if you land in the water after jumping

-Love the inclusion of the mushroom blocks from Super Mario 2 USA. Heart

Were these levels taken from the main game or are they just demo-only levels? 4 Days of development time doesn't seem like a lot to put together a demo. I enjoyed it but its kinda messy.

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