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Change your IRC server to
Posted by: Skeletons - 12-06-2016, 04:15 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies
Due to some issues with, it is now necessary to use instead.
Happy chatting on #origami64!

Fixed custom profile fields - skype icon, user bio etc
Posted by: Skeletons - 09-04-2016, 04:00 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies
Custom profile fields have been broken for quite some time without anyone noticing, but they're working again now.
You can set up your custom profile fields here:

Introducing Origami64 Wiki! All your hacking documentation needs
Posted by: Skeletons - 08-04-2016, 08:51 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (1)
Origami64 Wiki is up and running!
This is a great source of documentation from many experienced ROM hackers.

Users are currently required to register a separate account on Origami64 Wiki, though in the future this may be linked to your forum account for easier access. Once registered, you can freely edit pages and contribute to our plethora of knowledge.

A link can also be found at the top of the page right below the Origami64 logo.

Site theme updates
Posted by: Skeletons - 05-04-2016, 04:50 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (3)
Origami64 has undergone various changes to the following themes for improved visual appeal, navigation and simplicity:
Origami64 Default
Star Way

If you find any inconsistencies, bugs, or have suggestions for these themes, feel free to share them!

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Mobile Site is Up!
Posted by: Skeletons - 23-03-2016, 06:57 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (5)
The mobile version of Origami64 is up and running! Grab your mobile and check it out, if you find any bugs please report them here.


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