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Submitted 13-09-2018, 03:11 AM by Jose David RomHacking N64
The objective of this post is to contribute to create new hacks of games from the classic hackers of SM64 or Mario Kart to hack the International Superstar Soccer 64. Whoever wants to contribute with a program mention it or leave a link as examples of hacks that I will mention some (Super Mario 74 Super Mario 64 Last Impact Super Luigis Mansion 64 Dragon Ball Z Kart Mario kart 64 hack scrooge 64 and my favorite games Super Mario 64 Star road) I will leave the names and games that you edit (Banjos Backpack Banjo Kazooie Editor Janus 007 Editor SM64 Editor Super Mario 64 Editor SM64 Object Editor Super Mario 64 Editor M64 Rom Extender Super Mario 64 Editor Toads Tool 64 Super Mario 64 editor Scene Navi Zelda Editor Texture 64 Pitstop 64 Mario Kart editor Lem Asm) All these and more can be found in romacking .net (you have to register) or on the internet thank you for watching this post greet you Jose David Lopez From Venezuela This post was written in google translator because no speak English Until my next post we'll see

Bomberman 64 - Black Fortress | SM64 by amitsuja170

Submitted 19-07-2018, 01:51 PM by Dummy teste2

Submitted 19-07-2018, 01:48 PM by Dummy test

Submitted 05-06-2018, 08:54 PM by TheMemeLord Steamed Hams but it's a crappy SM64 hack | SM64
- Steamed Hams 64 -
This is not a demo, but there may be updates to this hack coming soon...
This hack is a meme hack and a texture hack.
Almost every texture in this hack
is Super Nintendo Chalmers.
There are also reference to other memes.
This is a hack that Vinny or Joel from Vinesauce
should check out... If you don't know
about memes, check this out for your
first experience. The music is Chalmers saying
"SEEEEEYMOOOOOUR!" (except for the star select
screen where it has Chalmers saying "AH?")
Mario's voice had been changed to sound like
Seymour Skinner. The enemies sound like
Chalmers too. They stay stuff that sounds
like him saying "Aurora borealis?" or "AH?"
The story is about Chalmers invading
Seymour's house (not really) and stole
his "Patented Skinner Burgers". And also,
Skinner's mother, Agnes had been kidnapped
by Chalmers. And he (fun fact) gave Agnes "Chalmeritis",
a disease that makes anybody sound like Chalmers.
So, Seymour must steam his hams through these levels
before Chalmers does...

I challenged myself to make a ROM hack of SM64
in only 3 weeks (21 days), which I did.
Production started on May 10th (I have the 5/10 prototype btw)
There have been some delays. And seriously, I have an early
version of the hack saved on my laptop. So, it will be released soon...
I could have finished it in only a week,
but there were delays due to school and break times.

But finally, I finished it in only 3 weeks.
Instead of a PPF patch (which is commonly used),
I created a BPS patch from FloatingIPS.

I used the N64 Sound Tool to edit the voice clips and samples.
I used TT64 to edit most of the textures.
I used N64Rip to edit the textures that are not editable on TT64.
I used SM64 Text Manager to edit most of the game's text.
And finally, I used Skybox Importer to edit the backgrounds...

SOUND EDITING - TheMemeLord (N64 Sound Tool)
TEXTURE EDITING - TheMemeLord (Toad's Tool 64 0.6.8S and N64Rip)
TEXT EDITING - TheMemeLord (SM64 Text Manager v1.0.2)
ROM EXTENDED WITH: SM64 ROM Extender 0.3.1 (64MB)
Bill Oakley (writer of the "Steamed Hams" segment)
and YOU!

Pretty much everything is done by me...

NOTE: No additional settings need to be changed on what emulator you're using...
Here is a video showing off gameplay:
Size: 43.76 MB / Downloads: 34 .mp4

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Submitted 20-04-2018, 08:22 PM by 64Modder Super Mario 64 Realistic Texture Pack Part1

Submitted 04-04-2018, 09:14 PM by Kandi Some models I've found | Other
After I've spit the contents of a N64 rom, I've found some pretty nice 3D models which can be downloaded from Box

Submitted 06-03-2018, 12:12 PM by bladeoner Mario Kart 64 DryBowser kart and vignet
The Drybowser kart was created by someone else I inlcuded it in this file and the vignet I created so it can be imported in Mario Kart 64.
This post contains attachments, you must first register in order to download them.

Submitted 09-08-2017, 11:57 PM by Spydermann How do you install a texture to SM64
Hey guys. My son found a texture for SM64 that changes it to classic mario. but I dont know how to install the texture. Can anyone help me please!?!?!?!?

Submitted 24-07-2017, 09:51 PM by Matthew Best Dewey | MK64
Dewey is from Ducktales.
He joins Mario Kart 64.
Imported from MK64 Pitstop.

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